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YAG lasers – precision tools

YAG lasers are true precision tools. They are solid state lasers with a great range of applications.

The standard tasks range from drilling very fine holes and cutting thin sheet meal to precise spot welding. But that is by far not everything. YAG lasers are also used to create high quality and durable engravings.

These tasks extend far into the field of quality assurance. But the lasers can not just cut, drill, weld and engrave. These are tasks where the laser acts on the material, purposely "damaging" or changing it.

YAG lasers can also be used for materials testing in the infrared range. The material is not damaged by this process.

And what is more: In the field of medicine, YAG lasers are used as medical lasers for dentistry. And in cancer therapy, doctors fight lung metastases with this laser.

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