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Subsurface glass engraving: 3D effects on/in glass

Subsurface engraving is, so to speak, the freestyle sector of glass processing with laser technology. It is also referred to as subsurface laser engraving. Three-dimensional figures are, so to speak, introduced with it into the inside of the glass.

Experts speak of creating three-dimensional bodies portrayed inside a solid piece of material. However, the solid material into which a three-dimensional figure is introduced does not necessarily have to exist of glass.

Polycarbonate, sapphire or diamond are also suitable. The transparency of the body is important. With subsurface engraving in glass, the glass is actually damaged, that is melted, to a small degree at the focal point of the laser.

This subsurface "damage" appears as a white dot when exposed to light. Experts refer to this as optical refraction.

The integrity of the glass, that is, its surface tension, is not damaged through the internal damage. The result is greater permanence.

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