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Soda lime glass – the most prevalent type of glass

Soda lime glass, also called soda lime silica glass, is probably the most prevalent type of glass overall. Most glass objects for practical use are made of this soda lime glass.

It begins with bottles and ends with laminated glass for vehicles. What is important in this context: The production process has nothing to do with the glass type in this case. It refers to the formula for the glass and its basic properties.

Soda lime glass does not tolerate great temperature differences. That means: Exposing the glass to strong temperature fluctuations creates enormous tensions. These eventually cause the glass to crack.

For this reason, soda lime glass is not used for laboratory work. From a mechanical point of view, soda lime glass has no special properties such as impact resistance.

These properties are achieved through special processes. To create a certain breaking resistance, glass needs pre-stressing, for example.

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