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Silicon dioxide – pure quartz glass

Silicone dioxide, also known as silica, in its pure form is actually quartz glass or fused quartz. But SIO2, as silicone dioxide is referred to in chemical terms, can be found in unexpected places and products of everyday life.

As a rule, SIO2 is harmless for people. One version of it can therefore also be found in many medicines. Beyond that, silicone dioxide can be found in paints and varnishes or in adhesives.

Silicone dioxide is also involved in the coating of certain types of paper. The greatest significance of the substance, however, is as a component of glass, which in its purest form is fused quartz. And that has several positive properties.

Fused quartz is particularly resistant to chemicals and is not corroded by any acids, except for hydrofluoric acid. It is resistant to large temperature fluctuations and offers great impact resistance. Silicone dioxide is resistant to a variety of weather influences so it does not corrode easily.

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