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Shaping glass: It is the method that counts

Glass as an amorphous solid can be formed into virtually any shape. What matters is, on the one hand, the actual state of the glass and, on the other hand, the method used for shaping the glass.

The basic technologies for glass are rolling, pressing, centrifuging, blowing and spinning as well as drawing. While artisan shaping is often still done manually by glass blowers, machines are taking over this task in the course of industrial glass processing and finishing. Modern laser technology is also used for shaping glass.

The selected shaping method depends on the glass and its intended use. Sheet glass is usually produced with the so-called float glass process, where the liquid glass is brought into a flat shape and cooled down gradually. Sheet glass can also be rolled or drawn.

It is also known as float glass – a perfect material for further processing using state-of-the-art laser technology. By the way: Glass can even be spun. Yes, you read correctly. That is how fine glass fibres are made.

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