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Semiconductor laser: Small and handy.

Have you ever given a lecture or listened to one? Probably the latter. For giving a speech it is not everyone's thing. Why are we asking this question?

Well, if the lecturer wants to move about freely and not stick to their laptop, they need a tool for pointing out certain items on the large screen or display. Right. That is a pointer. Or more correctly a laser pointer the light of which should not enter your eyes.

And this laser pointer is nothing other than a semiconductor laser, also referred to as a laser diode. It is a semiconductor component that is related to the famous LEDs but with the capability of producing laser light. Experts already worked on the development of this technology in the 1960s.

In everyday life, these semiconductor lasers can also be found in optical measuring devices. Light barriers are based on this principle, bar code scanners also work with a semiconductor laser and even laser printers have one of these units.

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