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Quartz glass: The glass for special applications

Quartz glass is also translated as silica glass. One could therefore refer to glass from rock. And indeed: Quartz glass can be won when melting quartz (sand) and allowing it to harden. Contrary to other glasses, quartz glass is considered absolutely pure glass; it does not contain any additives.

In the chemical area it is marked by its superb resistance against acids. It is considered as having extreme puncture resistance and is particularly suitable for insulating purposes for electrical components.

As a logical consequence, quartz glass is also found quite often in the following application areas:

  • In hot environments as measuring or sight glass, for example, in engines and furnaces. However, quartz glass is also used in the area of laser technology.
  • As insulating layer in the area of semiconductor production.
  • In the area of ultraviolet optics.
  • A bulb for halogen lamps

Did you know that the windows of the U.S. space shuttles were made of quartz glass? The base material for quartz glass, that is, quartz sand, is also sold in bags to private households.

Quartz is a natural product, perfect for sanding slippery roadways and walks, providing a good grip to the human foot.

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