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Preparing the batch: The formulation determines the result.

It is just like in normal life. To bake bread, you have to prepare dough. Basically you are preparing a batch. This batch later turns into the load of bread.

In the end, the recipe determines which ingredients go into the bread dough batch at which ratio and how the bread turns out in the end. Well, a little skill and the right baking time and temperature are also involved. All this also applies to "preparing" glass.

In this case, the batch consists of mineral substances. It is important which additives are added. During glass production of course this all takes place in enormous dimensions:

The raw materials are delivered to the production facility in large silo vehicles. There they are transferred into large storage containers which are also called silos. Then they are portioned with scales and fed into a mixer.

It is a little bit like a cement mixer at a construction site. But glass production certainly does not call for adding rough amounts of ingredients. This is all controlled by computers.

The mixer ensures even distribution of all ingredients within the batch. When the batch leaves the mixer via a conveyor or bucket, it is ready for the oven.

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