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Polycarbonate: Revolutionary invention

The scene is not pleasant but shows once more how rugged the material is we want to present to you here: In the 80ies there were occasional clashes between the police and vandalising protesters.

Of course, we still have such clashes, but only between hooligans and the police. The officers then carry a protective shield, highly impact-resistant, dimensionally stable and rugged. These shields are made from polycarbonate, in brief PC.

We find PC not only with the police equipment, however, Machine protective hoods and covers may consist of polycarbonate.

Laser machines or laser-assisted glass processing centres are an example. Vehicle glazing may also consist of PC and the visors of motorcycle helmets are made from it.

PC has glass-like structures and therefore belongs to the amorphous substances. This also means: It can be structured via laser beam. Other product examples for PC are: Canopies, balcony railing, sound protection elements and panels for devices.

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