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PET: Not only the material from which
our bottles are made.

PET, polyethylene terephthalate, quite a tongue-breaker, is a thermoplastic plastic and belongs to the group of the polyesters. We all know PET from everyday life. Just think of the disposable beverage bottles from plastic. They are disposable PET bottles.

We encounter PET also in the textile industry, that is, as additive to textile fibres. This plastic is also available on rolls as pure PET film. PET is considered stable and easy to use; properties that make it nearly indispensable nowadays.

However, the substance also has its dark sides because especially the beverage bottles from PET are suspected to releasing harmful substances into the liquid they contain. Various disorders in the human body are brought in connection with the effect of the PET bottles.

The term PET is also found in medicine as abbreviation for Positron Emissions Tomography. This is a method in nuclear medicine used to produce sectional images from live organs (organisms).

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