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Optical glass: To help us see better.

Would you have known this? Optical glass does not mean that we can see it, that is, visible glass. The term describes glass from which we optical components can be manufactured. These components included, for example, lenses, mirrors and prisms.

These items can be found in the lenses of cameras, binoculars, telescopes and microscopes. So-called overhead projectors also feature such optical components.

Even the glass of your spectacles may fall into the category of optical glass. Principally, optical glass does not necessarily need to be different from conventional window glass.

Nonetheless, special requirements are placed on these components. Chemical ingredients are mixed into optical glass exactly for this reason, that is, to improve the properties of the future component and/or optimise it.

Experts speak of more than 250 different optical glasses. Most of them are based on crown glass or flint glass. The name Schott-Glas must be absolutely mentioned in the context of optical glass.

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