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Optical fibres – charming effects

Surely you know these delicate filaments which are gathered like a fan, opening up like a flower at the top, with the ends lighting up prettily. These are optical fibres.

They guide the generated light over short or long distances like through a channel, only releasing it again at the end. Generally these optical fibres are glass fibres. And these are also used for high speed data transfer.

Experts also refer to these fibres as light guide cables. The special characteristic here: The light basically remains inside the cable, it does not escape through the side walls. It actually is a kind of reflection within the optical fibre.

Of course there are different types of optical fibres, also made from polycarbonate and other substances which are similar to glass fibre. These fibres can be used to achieve charming effects. But they are also used very plainly as background lighting for displays.

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