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Mirror coats - reflection and mirror image

You look into the mirror at home and see yourself crisp and clear, sometimes too clear because this mirror reveals any wrinkle. You may prefer a mirror that does not reflect things quite so exactly.

Well, not a problem, because mirrors are only as good as the material used. An ordinary mirror consists of a flat glass plate – at any rate, a transparent medium, and a thin metallic mirror coat applied to the back of the glass.

Aluminium, gold or silver, often also combinations of those, are often used for these mirror coats. Applied means here applied with vapour.

These mirror coats can also be removed precisely via laser beam and interesting décor can be applied on the back of the mirror; light can also shine through them. Mirror coats play a major role also in laser technology.

Glasses with respectively designed mirror coats deflect the laser beam and focus it on the desired target. The requirements on these mirror coats are naturally much more complex than those on a wardrobe mirror.

Both, the mirror medium and the mirror coat must be able to resist the laser beam and be resistant against temperature fluctuations.

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