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Medical lasers – gentle helpers

Lasers are precision tools – they work effectively and quickly and they are gentle on the material. These are ideal preconditions for using this technology in medicine. Medical lasers have actually long been routine tools in medical applications.

For example: Did you know that a laser can replace a scalpel? Medical lasers are also used in ophthalmology, for surgeries behind the eye. Dermatologists use medical lasers to treat skin conditions, warts, pigmentation problems and scars.

Medical lasers are also used for hair removal. It basically destroys the hair follicles. Ear, nose and throat medicine is another area where medical lasers have become popular.

It is used for removing tonsils and for treating tumours in the mouth and throat area. Medical lasers are even used for vocal cord surgeries.

Dentists do not use lasers for cosmetic surgery but to remove cavities with less pain. The laser impulses are so short that our nerves have no time to react.

And what's more: In cancer therapy, medical lasers play an equally important role today.

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