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Light: Life-giving rays

When people did not know yet from where our light originates and what light actually is, they simply assumed that the light that can brighten a room comes from our eyes. Light was thereby not perceived as light beam but simply as brightness.

It was light and once came from the eyes scanning their environment with these rays. As a logical consequence, this viewing process existed only in the daytime, that is, at certain times.

Today we know: Light is the part of electromagnetic rays visible to our eyes and that at a wavelength between 380 and 780 nm. What people like to refer to as light without actually being light are the infra-red spectra and ultraviolet radiation.

If light is now bundled very strongly and furnished with some additional properties, it is generally referred to as laser beam, that is, bundled light. This is basically correct, although laser technology is based on highly complex physical processes.

Let's close with an interesting questions: How fast is light? Well, light travels 299,792 kilometres per second. Can you copy that?

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