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Lead glass: Almost as pretty as a gemstone.

Do you have a diamond or a precious stone in your ring, earring or necklace? Are you sure? For rather than a precious stone it might be a replacement, such as lead glass or lead crystal glass. These are actually almost as beautiful as real precious stones.

But not to worry: Lead crystal glass is primarily used in the optical industry, in nuclear medicine or in radiology because of its good radiation shielding properties. This is due to the lead content in the glass, which is not harmful, by the way, as glass does not give off any fumes.

Lead crystal glass shines like a precious stone, it is very solid and experts attribute it with a good sound. Lead crystal glass is used for elegant vases and other receptacles.

This type of glass is also a popular material for the processing industry where glass is treated with sophisticated lasers without actually damaging it.

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