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Laser types – a special laser for each purpose.

Lasers are part of everyday life. Just think about the printers which can be found in virtually all companies and most private households. If it is not an inkjet printer, a laser printer will be at work.

These use argon ion lasers. These types of laser can also be found in medical technology. They are gas lasers.

Experts differentiate the following laser types: semiconductor diode lasers, solid state lasers, gas lasers and dye lasers, with a basic differentiation between continuous wave and pulse.

Laser types from the semiconductor diode laser group can be found in the little pointers used by some lecturers. These contain a low power diode laser. Scanner units which read the bar codes on products also work with one of these laser types.

Gas lasers are probably the most common type. Devices with this laser type are used for processing and machining different materials. CO2 lasers are particularly well known and very powerful.

They can be found in the metal industry as well as in glass processing and finishing. These laser devices are often integrated into large machining centres.

Such machines combine the different work processes, increasing the economic efficiency of a company. Solid state lasers are primarily used in metrology and medical technology. These laser types generally work with precious stones which are used as an active medium

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