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Laser therapy – the power of light

Now here is an example why laser spectroscopy is such an important component of medicine. For without examining the interactions of matter with the laser there would be no laser therapy.

How tissue reacts to the light and the wavelength of the laser is crucial to the success of laser treatment or laser therapy. There are now options for using this technology in virtually all areas of medicine.

Let us take a trip to the dentist: Who likes to go to the dentist, really? Well, maybe your dentist already work with laser technology. Then they can also use it to remove cavities.

As laser light is pulsed and these impulses are extremely short, our human nerves cannot detect them. That means: They are unable to send a signal to the brain indicating pain. Sometimes we humans can be pretty slow.

But dentistry is not the only area where laser therapy is used. Lasers are used for skin conditions and laser light can correct problems in underlying tissue. Laser therapy is offered in the field of cosmetics and by non-medical practitioners.

The background is always the interaction of laser light, wavelength and tissue. A few more areas where laser therapy is popular: eye surgery, tumour surgery, removal of gall stones, pigmentation, treatment of visible blood vessels, scars, warts, laser acupuncture, laser therapy against joint pain, and so on.

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