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Laser pixel -
a term from printing and beauty technology

The term "laser pixel" does not mean anything else but a "laser spot". It is found, for example, in the field of cosmetic surgery and also in printing technology but here actually as so-called laser spot, the laser pixel.

The diameter of a laser spot determines the density value gain, that is, the colour intensity. It is brought in relation to the grid element. These are exposure elements that can be accessed individually, in short REL.

An REL normally corresponds to the diameter of a laser spot or laser pixel. Experts in printing technology speak about grids when referring to the ink density, accuracy and thus quality of a print object. A laser pixel usually has a diameter from 0.01 to 0.03 mm.

Laser pixels can work quite some miracles in the medical sector. Of course, it is rather the laser beams that produce these miracles. In the area of cosmetic surgery, they can treat acne, skin irregularities, burst small vessels, hardening, callused skin, small wrinkles and other blemishes basically removing them.

Ageing spots, freckles and birth marks can also be removed by laser. The respective providers use the the term laser pixels in this area, although it is rather misleading here.

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