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Laser engraving systems – engravings for everyone.

Your own name, an award or a motto: There are many occasions that call for an engraving and just as many materials that can be engraved with a laser. Laser engraving systems are based on a CO2 laser from the category of gas lasers.

These devices are not only extremely effective, they are also very versatile. Depending on the specification, they can be used to create very delicate engravings, even by laymen, as the systems are fully computer controlled.

Of course there are differences between the individual systems, and of course there are small mobile systems as well as very powerful stationary systems.

Among the materials which are suitable for laser engraving are rubber in different types and hardnesses, paper, cardboard, wood and other organic materials, plastic objects, plastic film or PU foam boards, leather and textile materials. Glass is also engraved with laser technology in the industrial sector and in the artisan sector.

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