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The laser beam source: A "laser beam" travels

Put simply, the point where energy becomes a laser beam is referred to as the laser beam source. Experts refer to a resonator. The term is derived from the word "resonance".

This resonator determines the intensity of a laser pulse or laser beam. With the so-called CO2 lasers this is normally a stationary laser beam source compared to the lens assembly that bundles the laser beam.

Experts refer to this as the "flying lens assembly", that is movable. The different types of lasers of the respective applications require laser beam sources with different designs. There is a relatively new development in the area of communications.

Laser beams as carrier can transport large amounts of data, and that over a much greater distance than microwave rays are able to.

The development of flexible laser beam sources will play a key role in the future especially in the area of satellite communication.

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