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Ion colouring for glass: Unchangeable

Colouring glass is a science in itself as so many factors come into it. The primary concern is the intended use of the finished product. Experts differentiate between two essential types of glass colouring: ion colouring and striking.

While the striking process can be controlled, a decision has to be made in advance for ion colouring, as this colouring takes place by adding relevant substances during glass production.

It gives the glass a specific and clearly definable colour which can no longer be changed. These substances are called metal oxides. The right substance and combination give glass the desired colour.

The complementary process for ion colouring of glass would be the decolourising of glass. Specialists also use metal oxides for this. The experts use tables to determine which substance will create which colour effect during ion colouring of glass.

By the way: In striking, the colour only appears during the process – during subsequent heating of the glass or annealing.

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