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Insulating glass: Protection against noise, heat and cold

The term is self-explanatory. Insulating glass literally possesses nsulating properties; it basically partitions a room from its environment without giving the feeling of separation... because glass for windrows and doors is normally transparent, unless it has been matted, structured or imprinted with special laser processes.

Insulating glass stands for: Sound protection, safety, heat and cold protection and, if coated accordingly, glare protection. Simple insulating glass consists of two sheets with an enclosed hollow space between them. Experts call this an enclosed building element.

This type of insulating glass is nowadays considered the basic standard. To meet the specifications of the Energy Act, triple glazing is often used now in home construction. This is a requirement especially for passive, plus-energy and zero-energy homes.

The hollow spaces between the sheets are filled with a special gas to increase the insulating effect. Glass itself transmits heat and cold very easily. The glass filling improves the thermal transmittance and improves the U-factor.

In the public area and with office buildings an additional façade from insulating glass elements is often suspended in front of the actual glass façades.

Its primary function is the sound protection, for example, near airports. When coated accordingly, insulating glass also protects against the sun.

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