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Industrial laser processing: Versatile tasks

We'd like to point out again: industrial laser processing of materials is highly versatile. Actually, any common material can be processed with a laser instead of the conventional methods.

The advantages are obvious: A laser works highly efficient, preserving material and the environment. Although laser technology may involve higher costs when initially purchased, it amortises itself through daily use.

Here some examples of industrial laser processing of glass and metal, respectively steel. Laser cutting: When cutting glass by conventional means, the glass may sustain damages in the edge zones.

At any rate, the edges need to be finished. When cutting glass with a laser, the subsequent finishing time is considerably shorter because: The laser separates the glass exactly at the point intended without damaging the vicinity.

Laser welding: The term laser welding is also often used in the context of industrial laser processing. This process is used, for example, with machine and plant engineering as well as in the automotive industry.

Its advantage: More shallow welds through the penetrating effect of the laser, less welding material, time-savings. There are many additional examples for industrial laser processing. To list them all here would go beyond the scope.

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