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Industrial flat glass processing:
From volume to exclusive.

Flat glass is the basis for many end products used in daily life. Whether in the shape of window panes, glass doors, façade elements, stairs, railing, room dividers, furniture and other objects: Apart from stainless steel, flat glass is the top stylistic element: unobtrusive or adding visual accents.

When talking about processing, industrial flat glass processing is meant. This is done on modern machines; machine centres are able to combine several process steps with flat glass processing.

Cutting and finishing glass edges is one example. The flat glass sheets are cut to size on state-of-the-art CNC machines. Lasers are especially effective.

While with common processes the vicinity of a cut can also be damaged, e.g. through fine hairline cracks, this is not possible with laser cutting. This also means then that subsequent finishing of the edges can be completely dispensed with or handled significantly faster.

Industrial flat glass processing includes fluted bevels in the glass surface, UV-bonding of flat glass, bending of glass, matting, coating and printing on flat glass. Ultra-modern and efficient industrial lasers can be employed for nearly all forms of industrial flat glass processing.

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