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Hybrid laser: Economic and precise.

Hybrid always refers to the interplay of two forces where one is generated by the other or at least benefits from the other force. Just think about hybrid drives for passenger cars.

The driving motion produced by a combustion engine supplies an electric motor, which in turn helps the combustion engine accelerate.

In this way, the combustion engine requires less force and thus less energy and finally, less fuel. A hybrid laser simply refers to the combination of MAG welding with laser welding.

These machines thereby work at higher temperatures entering precisely and deep into the material to be processed. Much welding material, such as welding metal, can be saved this way.

In addition, hybrid lasers work many times faster as conventional welding machines. But the term hybrid laser is not used only for industrial welding of steel – for example, for machine and plant construction or vehicle manufacturing.

It is also used in regard to engraving and GPS-controlled distance measuring devices.

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