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Helium neon laser: Good value and durable

Laser technology has evolved into a very wide field. The progress of development increases the number of different laser types. It therefore happens that several lasers have similar or the same areas of application.

One of these types is the helium neon laser. These can be found sporadically, e.g. in the bar code reading unit of supermarket tills or in laser printers. But they have now been replaced almost completely by diode lasers.

In contrast to helium cadmium lasers, these consist of a glass tube with a length of several tens of centimetres. This is also called a capillary tube. This thin glass element is filled with a gas mixture of helium and neon.

The resonators in this laser are two mirrors which are mounted at either end. Helium neon lasers provide a long service life and are relatively cost efficient to purchase. They are popular for holographic effects.

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