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Sandblasting glass: Common finishing method

You thought sandblasting is only used to remove ink coats and coarse soiling? Wrong. Especially with glass finishing, sandblasting is a proven method to give the glass a very unusual accent.

They include mirrors, all-glass doors, dividing walls from glass or window panes: There are many options and hardly any limits to the creativity both of professionals and hobby amateurs.

Sandblasting glass belongs to the area of glass finishing and is used, for example, for surface matting of glass.

With penetration blasting, actual contours, shapes and structures are obtained in the glass. Did you know that sandblasting does not necessarily use sand in the conventional sense?

There is actually a wide variety of materials used for sandblasting. Here just a few examples: Glass beads, nutshell granulate, corn cob pellets or even ceramic beads.

The term sand is always used here since the materials, because of their graininess, exhibit similar properties as sand, however, their effect on the object to be blasted varies widely.

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