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Glass processing machines
Hi-tech processing centres

You probably know those large saws used at the home improvement store to cut wooden panels to size? The panels are clamped onto a rack.

You can imagine a similar setup for glass processing, except that no heavy-duty circular saws "eat" with much nose through the glass. Quite to the contrary: Laser technology is often used to cut glass to the desired dimensions, of course, all this computer-assisted and controlled.

But this is only one tasks of glass processing machines. Today, they polish the cut right away, grind, mill, engrave, structure, score, sandblast and drill. A single machine thereby often handles more than one task.

These are glass processing centres turning the raw material glass into the desired product via a sophisticated control system.

Laser technology has increasingly become the number one also in the area of glass processing centres. It protects resources much more than conventional methods.

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