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Glass processing in form, colour and structure

Glass processing has many faces. At this point, we first distinguish between processing of class at the small home-based shop, artistic processing of glass in special artisan shops and industrial glass processing with state-of-the-art machine, many of which are CNC-controlled.

With glass processing, the different glasses are prepared according to their future use. Glass processing includes cutting, polishing, milling, matting, etching, structuring, printing, shaping and so on.

The processing methods are just as diverse today as the glass products themselves. Glass processing with machines takes place in so-called processing centres, which are usually able to perform more than a single process step.

The raw piece of material is fed to the machine and the desired finished product is the result. This is possible through sophisticated computer systems, which are able, for example, to control glass processing per laser.

Laser technology in glass processing has meanwhile become a standard approach; after all, it is much more effective, easier on the material and more exact than conventional processing methods.

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