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What are glass objects?

A note for starters before taking a look at glass objects: Glass is not necessarily limited to what is commonly referred to as glass, that is, window panes, drinking glasses and other objects. Plexiglas®, for example, is also referred to as glass and is definitely not a product produced with the so-called floating method.

Plexiglas® is cast or extruded. This type of glass is therefore defined as GS or XT glass.

Let's now turn to the glass objects: What are glass objects then? These are objects of all types that may have been manufactured from any type of glass and subjected to different processing and production methods.

Both, the practical and economic benefit as well as the artistic aspect may thereby stand out. Glass objects can add something to an ambience or blend together with it.

Glass objects stimulate, separate, connect and complement. By the way: Laser technology has advanced meanwhile to a point where artistic glass objects, such as sculptures, can be manufactured with it.

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