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Matting glass: Via sandblasting, with acid or using laser.

Glass is normally matted with the sandblasting method. Fine sand is blasted under pressure onto a clear glass surface. This creates a uniformly mat glass surface.

If decorative elements shall be applied to the glass in this manner, templates for the respective décor must first be fabricated and affixed. The area to remain clear is first taped off. Experts refer to this as masking.

Etching technology is another method of matting glass. Different approaches are available and depend on the desired results.

Do-it-yourselfers can also mat glass. This is achieved with special drill attachments and at low to medium speed. The glass is basically roughened.

Laser technology is meanwhile used as well to mat glass. The clear advantage: Masking with the help of a template is not necessary if motifs shall be applied to the glass.

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