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Glass finishing – a bit of individuality

Glass finishing is a wide field, as there are virtually no limits to the imagination. Etching, grinding, laser treatment, firing, coating, printing ... Glass can be finished in many different ways.

Industrially, the type of glass finishing depends more on the intended use of the respective glass product. Surface, window panes, mirrors, glass dividing walls, façade claddings, etc. – all these are not just simple glass but specially finished products. A craftsman technique for glass finishing is glass milling.

This creates engravings and even entire images in the glass surface. The disadvantage: Almost all types of glass finishing damage the glass, but at least the surface.

Modern laser technology can change that. It can also be used for perfect glass engravings and even internal structuring without damaging the glass surface. As glass is becoming an increasingly interesting production material, glass finishing has a great future.

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