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Classy, easy to maintain and functional: Glass façades

Glass has captured the field of architecture. Whether for interior areas, design element or curtained façades: Glass is a versatile building material and, at the same time, exercises its protective effect in the area of façade design.

Glass façades are offered as so-called component systems. This means: Glass elements as well as spacers and track systems are perfectly coordinated.

While glass elements for façades used to rather function as design elements, the building material glass meanwhile also contributes energy efficiency aspects: Glass helps the building to score solar benefits, although, this may be problematic in the summer. Glass façades with thermally insulating effects are therefore meanwhile available.

What's more: The market also offers self-cleaning elements, that is, nano-coated glass. Dirt particles do not stand a chance with this glass. They are also referred to as dirt-repellent glass surfaces.

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