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Glass drilling: Patience is required.

Glass can be drilled. In industrial applications, this is handled by hi-tech machines operated by appropriately trained experts of glass processing and finishing. These glass processing machines are meanwhile often part of entire machining stations.

They handle several work steps and are controlled by a computer (CNC). The question is: Can the do-it-yourselfer also drill a hole into glass? Yes, this can be done.

This requires the glass plate, an absolutely flat wood plate and a diamond drill bit. Having an appropriate fixture that ensures the drill bit contacts the glass absolutely perpendicular would be helpful.

Drilling generates heat. This applies also to drilling glass. A little bit of water or gun oil should therefore always be available as coolant.

But care is required: If cooling takes place too rapidly, tensions may be created quickly causing the glass plate, which has just been exposed to stress, to shatter. If you want to drill glass yourself, this should be done slowly and carefully.

Start with a small drill bit and expand the hole bit by bit. This may prevent material shrinkage. If unsure, one should rather contact a specialist shop to handle this task.

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