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Glass components – so what is actually in glass?

According to the glass industry and the German Glass Industry Association, most glass components in their raw state – the raw materials for glass – come from Germany. This would be a very strong point for the ecological balance sheet of glass as a product.

Origin as well as extraction and transport of the glass components influence this balance. But that is a very wide field and this brief article could only treat it very superficially. But what is glass actually made of? What are the components of glass? It should be six essential elements.

The largest part is made up by quartz sand with 70 per cent. It is hard to believe, but to this we add lime and soda, potash and feldspar as well as dolomite. This makes up the basic batch for glass.

The exact mixing ratio of the batch depends on the manufacturing process and the desired properties of the glass. And how is used glass recycled? Old glass is crushed, processed and added to the batch as an additional glass ingredient. Here again the ratio depends on the final product, of course.

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