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Glass: Design element with practical use

What is glass? You are probably thinking about the pane of your window, your car or the glass insert in your door? Correct, this is all glass.

But did you know that basically any material can practically be transformed from the liquid or gaseous state into glass.

This is achieved by rapid cooling. This is referred to as meta-stable glass, meaning nothing else but a very unstable material.

Glass as such is actually only a collective term for a group of so-called amorphous solids. These are materials where their atoms do not exhibit any clear structure but appear rather with irregular patterns. The opposite would be crystal.

The term "glass" has a Germanic origin. It is used to describe something glossy, shiny. Glasa, that which shines. Today, glass is found in nearly all areas of daily life.

Just think of the simple drinking glass, the glass bottle, glass ampoules from the medical field, entire glass façades, glass plateaus, and so on. To turn simple glass into this advanced modern and extremely stable material, various processing and finishing steps with the respective glass processing machines are required.

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