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Glass ceramics: The material Ceran® glass-ceramic cooktop panels are made of.

Anybody interested in a new kitchen or cooking at the stove at home knows the term: Ceran® glass-ceramic cooktop panel. But: Do you know what this term actually represents?

It is simply a brand name for a glass-ceramic cooktop panel. Glass-ceramics, simply put, is a compound material. Its components: Glass and crystals.

Glass-ceramics is manufactured from molten glass under controlled crystallisation. The material is finally subjected to a special thermal process to give it its special characteristics, because: Glass-ceramics is primarily used where high resistance at major temperature changes is required.

In the industrial field, this is important, for example, with ultra-modern and sensitive laser systems. In the household, the cooktop panel from glass-ceramics is especially known. In addition to the insensitivity to temperatures, glass-ceramics must also be rather impact-proof.

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