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Gas laser: The all-round talent among lasers

Can you remember? The optical resonator is basically the heart of a laser. In a gas laser, it consists of two mirrors and gas as the active medium. All this is placed inside a glass container which is mounted between the two resonator mirrors.

Simply said, a lamp is installed underneath the container. One mirror – the high reflector – reflects 100 per cent, not leaving a trace of light through, while the other one – the output coupler – is semi-transparent. When the gas laser is activated, the experts light up the lamp.

This light from the lamp is absorbed by the gas and transferred back and forth between the mirrors, with a portion of the light being transmitted through the outside through one mirror. In the end, this small portion is the laser beam.

Gas lasers are an all-round talent as they can be used for a variety of purposes. In the industrial sector, for example, they are used for cutting in glass processing and finishing.

Now you also know how effective the tiny portion of light is that passes through the semi-transparent mirror. This is amplified again, though. Other areas of application for gas lasers with various power levels and specifications are in medicine and research. The term "gas laser" merely describes the function principle of the device.

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