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Fluorescence: When light reacts with a solid

Fluorescence creates fantastic light effects. They occur when light excites a material and causes a reaction. The material initially absorbs the light and returns it in a weakened and altered form.

Such a spectacle does not always have to be created artificially. Nature is pretty good at that without our help. Just think of the famous glow worms. The male insects use their fluorescent abilities to impress their female companions. And they seem to succeed year after year.

We also encounter fluorescence in daily life. For example, it is the basis for the function of an energy saving bulb. Displays are also based on the phenomenon of fluorescence.

And as the light effects are so impressive, are naturally also used for shows, wallpaper, stickers and large area decorations.

Science has been using the effects of light and solids for a long time. Fluorescence is used, for example, to make hidden traces of bacteria and other contaminations visible under UV light.

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