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Floated flat glass – float glass in sheets

Flat glass is simply a glass pane – no complicated hollow bodies, no other shapes, simply a flat sheet of glass. It does not matter initially what type of glass it is. But when we are talking about floated flat glass then it is float glass in sheet format.

So let us find out what characterises float glass. The term "float glass" indicates a floating process during manufacturing of the sheets. The liquid glass is fed into a tin bath which is also hot.

This process runs continuously: That means: The tin bath acts as a kind of conveyor belt, albeit a liquid one. And that only works because the hot glass is lighter than the tin. So it actually floats.

The reaction of the glass with the tin creates a clean and fine glass surface. During the bath, the glass cools down. While the glass is fed into the tin bath at one end, the now solid but not yet annealed glass is cut into sheets at the other end. This produces sheets of float glass.

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