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Flat glass processing machines:
Cutting, bending and coating

The term flat glass covers all types and grades of glass in the shape of a glass sheet. This includes, for example, pre-stressed glass, float glass, laminated glass, insulating glass, fire protection glass and so on.

The flat glass sheets are processed and finished, for example, on flat glass processing machines. They constitute hi-tech machining stations, often combining several process steps, such as water jet cutting and edge finishing.

The BAZ 1 is an example of such a machine for vertical glass processing. It is able to cut sheets up to a thickness of 80 mm with precision and cleanly, and its 20-unit tool changer makes it very diverse.

The BAZ 1, a CNC flat glass processing machine, cuts sheets from the size 550 x 200 mm to 8 000 x 3 300 mm, polishes, scores and finishes the edges of the future product – all this fully automatic. The KBU edge finishing centre represents another flat glass processing machine. This CNC machine enables a specialist shop to finish the edges of a wide variety of flat glass, that is, to grind and polish them.

It does not matter here whether flat glass shall be used for building construction, interior design or even solar modules. The difference to conventional machines: The KBU is able to finish sheets all the way around, i.e. one machine for the entire glass sheet. This reduces the work process up to 50 percent.

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