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Fibre laser – optical fibre at the core

Fibre lasers are basically glass lasers. That is why experts also refer to them as a special type of solid state laser. This solid consists of the so-called doped core of a glass fibre as the active medium. It serves as a waveguide in a figurative sense as it effectively amplifies the laser radiation.

A fibre laser with a medium power level can be used for marking components, for example. Fibre lasers are also used in medicine. And as these lasers are available in a variety of power levels, the areas of application also range from data transfer in the lower power range to cutting or even welding of materials in the higher power range.

The origins of fibre lasers go back to the year 1961. Back then, Elias Snitzer recognised the benefits of a glass laser when he was working on the propagation of radiation in glass fibres. He is recognised as the founder of fibre laser technology.

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