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Excimer laser – medical helper

How are the holes in ink jet printer cartridges made? With a drill. Wrong. A laser takes care of these tiny openings. To be more precise: An excimer laser from the group of gas lasers.

One might think that this is a laser drill then. That is not completely wrong. Our laser works with electromagnetic radiation in the so-called ultraviolet wavelength range – an extremely precise tool for the most delicate tasks.

That is why this laser is also very popular for medical applications: Excimer lasers can be used to correct short sightedness while being quite gentle on the eye. They work with extreme precision and heat only the working area. But these lasers can also cut human tissue.

Again the advantage: The tissue surrounding the cut is not heated. Wound healing is not accompanied by the usual severe pain. Excimer lasers have already become firmly established in other areas of medicine as well.

They can be used to combat psoriasis or neurodermatitis. Other areas of application of these lasers are photolithography, for example. This is a method for producing highly integrative semiconductor components.

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