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Single-layer safety glass (ESG): To protect against injuries

Have you ever observed how the side window of a car burst? You will then know the phenomenon These windows disintegrate into thousands of small parts with dull edges, quite differently from conventional glass.

Such glass fragments would normally cause unpleasant to dangerous and deep cut wounds. We are now talking about so-called ESG, that is, single-layer safety glass.

It belongs to the flat glass category. It receives its particular properties through a special method. The glass is heated beyond the point where it could be shaped.

Once this point is reached, the glass is exposed to severe cold and cooled down very rapidly to cause the areas close to the surface to cool faster than the core is able to. If you remember your physics lessons, you will know the result: Tensile stress develops in the core and compression stress on the surface.

This turns simple flat glass into single-layer safety glass. This glass is not only insensitive to major temperature fluctuations but also exhibits enormous impact strength. By the way, this is tested with the pendulum test according to DIN EN 12600.

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