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Dye laser – one of the most important laser types

Dye lasers are one of the most important types and were the leading models of tunable lasers for a long time. They have now been replaced by tunable diode lasers, for example. Their advantage: They are easier to handle.

Dye lasers are based on a dye dissolved in a liquid, e.g. water, which serves as an active medium. Dye lasers are used especially in the scientific area of laser spectroscopy due to their many positive properties.

The problem with these lasers: They involve high purchasing costs and are very complicated and expensive to run. This is also the reason why newly developed lasers which have a comparable performance and are easier and less problematic to handle have gradually been replacing dye lasers.

One area of application of dye lasers is medicine, for example, primarily dermatology. Specialists use the lasers for treating skin conditions and diseases. In this area of medicine, heat and how far the laser penetrates into the tissue play an important role, though.

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