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Diode pumped solid state laser – DPSS

This is a state-of-the-art development in laser technology which is becoming increasingly popular on the market – DPSS lasers.

These are solid state lasers which are pumped with radiation from diode lasers rather than with gas discharge lamps as before. In short: One laser powering another laser. We would like to point out the special advantages of this laser system:

The pump laser uses only the wavelength with which the laser medium can be effectively excited. This in turn provides another advantage: Less heat is generated.

Gas discharge lamps have a shorter service life than diode lasers. That means: Economic efficiency is increased, even when comparing the higher purchasing costs to the benefit, as these costs are a clear disadvantage of the DPSS laser.

The radiation quality is improved as the decreased heat generation increases the power density.

The so-called electrical/optical efficiency of these lasers is clearly above the level of the previously widespread gas discharge lamps, also referred to as flash lamps.

DPSS lasers are used in glass processing and finishing, among other areas.

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