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Copper vapour laser – great show effects

Some people really love a good party. And that includes a proper light show. Flashes of light in the mist of the fog machine, laser beams whooshing across the room to the beat of the music, quick as lightning.

These great effects are based on sophisticated technology. And copper vapour lasers are part of this technology. They are perfect for light effects.

Copper vapour lasers are from the group of metal vapour lasers. It is all in the name. They are operated under extremely high temperatures and offer a very high power output.

But not to worry: The high temperatures are not completely transferred to the environment as the actual laser – a quartz tube with a heating coil – has an appropriate insulation.

Mirrors are mounted on two electrodes to turn the light from the quartz tube into a coloured laser beam. By the way: Copper vapour lasers are available in different power levels. They all have to be brought up to temperature before operation. And what's more: It is not recommended to look directly into the laser light.

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