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CO2 laser: High-performance for various applications

CO2 lasers are not only used in the glass-processing and finishing industry. The medical field has also discovered the benefits of laser technology, for example, when performing complicated surgical procedures where absolute precision coupled by maximum success are required.

At this, the innovative laser technology is not even all that new. The CO2 laser was already developed in 1964.

CO2 lasers with their different power ranges are used, for example, for cutting and engraving thin organic materials such as paper and wood; they can be found in metal processing and have become accepted in the glass industry.

Engraving, bonding or scoring of glass are just some examples. Cutting glass with lasers is considered an especially careful process. The glass is hereby only heated to a certain level without melting it. This means: The structure and thus its integrity is not destroyed.

Did you know that halogen bulbs are sealed with lasers or the ampoules of the pharmaceutical industry are scored using a CO2 laser? Take a look, for instance, at glass ampoules for inhalation solutions. Breaking the ampoules without shattering shall be possible at the scored location.

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