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Clear glass – universally useful

Clear glass is probably the most widespread type of glass, as it offers a range of application options because, as such, this only describes one property: It is clear, i.e. transparent, although this already brings us to the first limitation: There is also white clear glass, if only light white and monochrome.

Simplified, clear glass is an umbrella term which is generally understood, for sheet glass and window glass. In most cases this is so-called float glass, which is produced by pouring molten glass on a metal belt where it also cools. Mirror glass is manufactured like this, for example. Window glass, on the other hand, which is also a clear glass, is drawn.

Where we find clear glass in our surroundings: car windows, window panes, picture frame glass, the small panes on fire alarms and so on. Clear glass is very suitable for finishing and/or subsequent machining. But: The quality of the glass depends on its manufacturing.

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